We offer translation of printed and electronic documents by qualified and experienced native-speaking language specialists. We also handle comprehensive project management that includes editing and glossary management involving quality assurance procedures.

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website-localization Website Localization

Content localization is the adaptation of data to a specific audience. Words, symbols, colors, metrics, images, culture and navigation are all factors requiring localization to ensure your message is understood just as you intend.We can ensure that your corporate website becomes cost effective

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braille Braille

Our professional team can do Braille transcription on a character-by-character basis called Grade 1 Braille. Expertise at using Grade 2 Braille, which uses a system of contractions that need less space and increases the speed of reading is also available

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voiceovers-in-foreign-languagesVoiceovers in Foreign Languages

Our voice-over talent knows how to communicate to your foreign language speaking customers in a way that says more than just the words alone. They bring your message to life in a way that captures the attention and interest of your customers.

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foreign-language-transcriptions Foreign Language Transcriptions

Depending on the requirements of our clients, we can provide foreign language transcription for most types of content - as a single monolingual transcription in the primary language or as a detailed and high-quality bilingual transcription.

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multilingual-DTP Multilingual DTP

Our multilingual DTP experts are adept at creating the best multi-lingual desktop publishing services for you. Take advantage of the skills and abilities acquired by our teams serving a clientele that functions in a global environment.

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