careerWhen you join Galindo, you don't take up a job, you align yourself to an exciting way of life - a work life that will see you discovering your true mettle, seeking out linguistic challenges and enjoying the thrill of researching and overcoming them. Languages are dynamic. New terms come alive everyday… Working with Galindo is never a dull job. It's a philosophy you integrate into.

At Galindo, we have built a culture of trust that encourages people to venture beyond the number of words to complete… We pay attention to cultural nuances and think big. That translates into more satisfied clients.

Here, the virtual doors are perennially open for good caliber talent. Not all languages are requested all the time.  That is nature of the beast.  We look for translators, editors, copywriters, graphic designers, proofreaders who are highly qualified, adaptable and ever-interested in taking on new challenges every day. They have global minds and have at least 5 years of work experience. At least they are fluent in English and another language. They have academic degrees and international or US certifications. They are affiliated to the translation industry organizations. You perform your duties with key terminology knowledge in a few industries.  There is no such a thing that one translator can do it all.  Your exposure to global environments is a key and that means we can deliver effective and faster solutions to our clients.

If you are excited by flexibility, languages, cultures, international innovation, creativity and growth and wish to work as a team in an environment that nurtures talent and reliability then come be part of team Galindo.


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