With 6 Dots You Can Open a Whole New World—for Your Business and for Your Customers.

It’s estimated that 314 million people worldwide are visually impaired, 45 million of them are blind – source: World Health Organization

The Braille system is a tactile method of communication developed for the blind that is made up of characters—each character a series of 6 raised or lowered dots. These series of dots can represent alphabetic characters, numbers, contractions, punctuation, music notation, even whole words.

braille-serviceBraille is the world’s most used method for the blind to read and write.

So that you can reach your entire audience, Galindo Publicidad employs expert Braille transcriptionists to convert your printed brochures, handouts, signs and other written communications into Braille. Our specialized team ensures that you have an error-free and high-quality Braille content.

  • Your document or manual  is  checked by an expert team of proofreaders consisting of a visually impaired and a sighted reader
  • The approved text/content is then released for publication

Our professional team can do Braille transcription on a character-by-character basis called Grade 1 Braille. Expertise at using Grade 2 Braille, which uses a system of contractions that need less space and increases the speed of reading is also available.

And, if you are under immediate need to comply with specific American Disability Act (ADA) requirements, we can help you quickly and affordably. Simply send us your materials and you can have your Braille documents ready to ship within 48 to 72 hours.

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